A major extension to the town of Dover

An extension to Dover on a 209 hectare site with 5,750 new homes with a variety of housing types to ensure a balanced and mixed community. The key principle for the masterplan strategy, developed during public consultation, is to retain the identity of the existing village of Whitfield and locate the development in a ring of new villages. Sustainability principles include a transport policy which maximises the potential for walking, cycling and public transport and an energy and water strategy that meets the requirements of the Code for Sustainable Homes. Hedgerows and trees are preserved to enhance the green infrastructure with open space and links to surrounding countryside. The masterplan is based around a series of neighbourhood centres providing vistas and focal points using existing trees, features and listed buildings. The housing types and new amenities will broaden Dover’s appeal to new residents, particularly families, people of working age and those requiring affordable housing.

Masterplan by Robert Adam at ADAM Urbanism
Building Code by Robert Adam at ADAM Urbanism
Buildings (Phase 1) Designed by Robert Adam at 
ADAM Architecture