A new urban extension that relates architecturally to the existing town

The concept for this significant urban extension has been developed with the benefit of extensive public consultation. The aspiration of the Duchy of Cornwall, who will retain a long-term interest in the 218.4 hectare site, is to create an exemplary, dense, mixed use, sustainable extension that is distinctively Cornish in character and closely tailored to the needs of the local community. It will act too as a catalyst to diversify and strengthen the local economy. A consortium of privately owned regional house builders help ensure the long-term best value is achieved for the development, and that local supply chains can be established at the outset to ensure that the economic warmth generated by the development is enjoyed by the surrounding area. A total of 3,750 units are included in the overall masterplan, with phases of about 100 units that will be built over a 40 year time period. Work started on site in 2013.

Commissioned by The Duchy of Cornwall
Masterplan by Hugh Petter at ADAM Urbanism, Leon Krier, Colum Mulhern, The Prince’s Foundation for Building Community
Pattern Book & Building Code by Hugh Petter  at ADAM Urbanism
Coordinating Architect Hugh Petter  at ADAM Architecture
Buildings Designed by Hugh Petter at ADAM Architecture and other architects

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