Design for new dwellings within an established settlement

Built on land owned by the Duchy of Cornwall, Poundbury lies on the outskirts of Dorchester and is built to a traditional high urban density. Involvement began at an early stage in the evolution of Poundbury, with the design of a neighbourhood of 30 dwellings which reflect the vernacular style of Dorchester and the Dorset settlements. A further three phases of the town, both residential buildings and commercial buildings were designed, with each structure forming part of a larger, interconnected building group. Variety was achieved within each streetscape by mixing the dwelling sizes and types and by terminating key vistas with larger, or more individual, buildings. Traditional materials were selected from the Poundbury Building Code.

Commissioned by The Duchy of Cornwall
Masterplan by Leon Krier
Buildings Designed by Nigel Anderson at ADAM Architecture and various design architects
Developed by CG Fry

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