ADAM Urbanism has used three of its pioneering urban designs in Somerset and Norfolk, taken from inception to completion, to develop a close understanding of the on-the-ground realisation of urban design and advance the wider discipline. ADAM Urbanism's current and recent projects include a 6,000-unit mixed-use urban extension to Dover, a 3,750-unit mixed use urban extension at Newquay and currently bringing forward detailed designs for two areas, two 3,500-unit mixed-use new urban areas in Leith outside Edinburgh currently in mid-development, a 4,500-unit mixed-use satellite urban extension to Aylesbury, and several smaller schemes of between 100 and 500 units.

On a large-scale and challenging masterplan in Dover, the local community were well organised in their entrenched opposition to all development. The masterplanning team, incorporating ADAM Urbanism, the Planning consultants and the Public Consultation consultant, though a series of meetings and an innovative approach to community engagement, reached a position where the action group and the Parish Council came out in support of their proposals.