International Making Cities Livable Award 2015 for Nansledan, Newquay

April 16, 2015

'Selected for Exhibition' Award presented to Nansledan, Newquay

At the International Making Cities Livable conference in July the awards for 'Designing for Green, Healthy Cities' were presented. The urban extension at Nansledan, Newquay was presented with a 'Selected for Exhibition' award.

Nansledan, meaning ‘broad valley’ in Cornish, is a major urban extension to the East of Newquay town centre that will eventually accommodate 3,750 homes. The masterplan is designed by Hugh Petter. The concept for this significant urban extension has been developed with the benefit of extensive public consultation. The aspiration of the Duchy of Cornwall, who will retain a long-term interest in the 218.4 hectare site, is to create an exemplary, dense, mixed use, sustainable extension that is distinctively Cornish in character and closely tailored to the needs of the local community.

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